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Konica Minolta’s industrial inkjet printheads, that adopt its independently developed MEMS

In 2015, Konica Minolta announced the creation of its new inkjet printheads with increased resolution and speed and compatibility with a wider range of inks.

These new printheads ensure a better resolution for printing, plus more efficiency and accuracy in large format printing. Among the features of this new technology, compatibility with various inks its definitely the most striking.

The major features about the new printheads are:

  • The high-density nozzle array
  • Improved ink resistance and wide viscosity correspondency for industrial ink
  • Compatible for both commercial and label printing, as well as printed electronics (PE).
  • Ideal for high-resolution and compact printer design

This is the new printhead prototype that Konica Minolta unveiled to the market.

The technical specifications about the new Konica Minolta’s product are:

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