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Ghostbusters Movie Set Comes to Life with the Help of a Roland Wide-Format Printer

Set designed to recreate an area of New York City for the movie ‘’Ghostbusters’’.

When we think about prints we imagine a world of printed media and advertising materials, but we never think about printing a movie set. It sounds incredible right? Charles Martin used his creativity and a Roland Soljet Pro 4 XR-640 printer to do this.

To produce the full range of graphics needed for the film, Charles employed a 64-inch Roland Soljet Pro 4 XR-640 large-format printer/cutter with Roland Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks. “Having a product like the Roland which can handle all of our graphics needs is a huge plus,” he said. “In addition to providing stellar quality production, the XR-640 has built-in printing and contour cutting capability, so with one machine, we can do it all. The Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks helped ensure outstanding results as well, allowing us to hit the colour mark every time and achieve fine close-up details, which were often required for Ghostbusters.

For scenes that included a re-created Times Square and simulated rock concert, Charles produced photo images, backlit signage and images, billboard banners, and a variety of smaller signs. This output was printed on a range of materials, including artist canvas, varying weights of vinyl media, photo paper, poster paper and adhesive fabric. For one interior scene, Charles produced over 3,000 sq ft of printed wallpaper graphics.

In total, Charles worked for nearly eight months on the film. “I wouldn’t do any movie without my Roland,” he said.


Set designed by Charles Martin.


Roland SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640


“I wouldn’t do any movie without my Roland”

Charles Martin

Source: Roland DGA News

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