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Food Ink, the first 3D printed Pop-Up restaurant set for London this July 25

Food-Ink-the first-3D-printed-Pop-Up-restaurant
Courtesy of Food Ink

3D printing has been around for some years in the industry. Everybody was fascinated when it was just released and it continues to impress every time. It is amazing how you can turn a computer 3D model into real life 3D object. From house accessories, medical prosthetics, furniture and others, people are constantly challenging their applications and inventing new ones.

It was only a matter of time before this 3D fever entered to the world of gastronomy. A new pop up restaurant called Food Ink is doing it, and it is the new sensation. Co-founded by Antony Dobrzensky and Marcio Barradas, in collaboration with a small amount of advisors, the restaurant will let a small number of diners to have the chance to experience an entirely 3D produced meal.

Food-Ink-the first-3D-printed-Pop-Up-restaurant-1

Printed meal. Image courtesy of Food Ink.

The first appearance of Food ink was in Venlo, the Netherlands last April, and it was so successful, they had already planned its entire 2016 world from Berlin to Barcelona and NYC to Tokyo.

There is more than just 3D printed food. Everything from flatware to furniture is 3D printed. Food is printed live and is live-streamed.

Food-Ink-the first-3D-printed-Pop-Up-restaurant-2

3D printing flatware. Image courtesy of Food Ink.

Arthur Mamou-Mani was leading the design team to produce the furniture. These were made using Silkworm, an open-source plug-in for Rhino.

The food is produced using byFlow 3D printers and it produces hummus, chocolate mousse, and anything other kind of food in a paste form.

Food-Ink-the first-3D-printed-Pop-Up-restaurant-3

Food Ink plate. Image courtesy of Food Ink.

So, if you are in London from July 25-27 you don’t want to miss this whole new gastronomic experience.

Food-Ink-the first-3D-printed-Pop-Up-restaurant-4

Printing food process. Image courtesy of Food Ink.

Source: The Voice of 3D Printing Technologies

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