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HP’s new 3D printer made mostly with 3D printed parts

HP Jet Fusion 3D

HP recently decided to include 3D printed parts in their two new devices, which will be on the market by the end of this year. For over a decade, half HP 3D printers’ custom parts were 3D printed, but this time they made their decision based on the economics part.

They are not focused on selling their printers to hobbyist or to educational establishments. Their main market is for prototyping and short-run manufacturing markets. Their devices prices start at $130,000 per piece, for the Jet Fusion 3D 3200.


Jet Fusion 3D 3200. Courtesy of 3D printing

So, if their target group is straight to a bigger market but producing less tan 55,000 pieces, 3D printing looks like a better way to avoid highly expensive plastic molds. And by doing this, obviously they save huge amounts of money and other than that, 3D printed parts also allow buyers to get to look at the printing results just by looking at the printer.

“Approximately half the custom plastic parts in the machine are going to be 3D printed. Because we were going through the development cycle and we had this goal of like, ‘OK, we want to have some of the parts in this printer be printed by the printer itself’, because we thought it would be cool to have the printer print itself ”

– Stephen Nigro, President 3D Printing HP


Printed part for the Jet Fusion 3D 3200. Courtesy of 3D printing

At the very beginning they thought they’ll probably use five or six parts, but their supply chain team was the one who explained the benefits of making about half the printer printed itself. This whole idea of creating self-replicating machines isn’t totally new. There have been some other projects intended to 3D print 3D printers but haven’t succeeded at all yet.

So definitively HP is determined to make this project succeed and for sure this will be the beginning for other 3D printing brands to not quit the idea to start making 3D printers made out of 3D printing.

Source: the guardian

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