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New MS Impres 4320 soft-signage textile printer

Close-up of the Impres 4320 media handling system. FLAAR Photo Archive.

MS exhibited the Impres 4320 at FESPA Hamburg 2017. The launch of the MS Impres line of textile printers: 4320, 4180 and 3180, marks the first collaboration of three companies, under the Dover roof. Dover Corporation acquired MS Printing (wide-format textile printers) in 2014, JK Group (inks) in 2015 and recently in 2017: Caldera (RIP).


MS Impres 4320 soft-signage printer at FESPA 2017, Hamburg.

The Impres line of textile printers is designed for soft-signage printing, they come standard with 2, 4 or 16 Kyocera printheads. The Impres 4180 and 4320 can run on either 4 or 8 ink channels, but the Impres 3180 can only run on 4 ink channels. All these models use CMYK colors and come equipped with four ten-liter ink tanks for specially manufactured inkjet inks by JK Group: DySubli (for transfer paper printing) or Direct S (for direct-to-fabric printing).

JK Group has three independent inkjet ink brands Kiian Digital, J-Teck 3, and Sawgrass Industrial all for digital textile printing.


Another difference among these Impres models is that the 3180 and 4180 are both 1.8-meters wide, while the 4320 is 3.2-meters. Here is a comparative chart, so you can easily identify the differences between the Impres line of textile printers.

Impres 3180 Impres 4180 Impres 4320
Printheads 2 Kyocera 4 Kyocera 4 Kyocera
Media Width 1.80 m 1.80 m 3.20 m
Roll outer diameter 20 cms 50 cms 50 cms
Ink type DySubli / Direct S DySubli / Direct S DySubli / Direct S
Number of colors 4 4 or 8 4 or 8

All the Impres textile printers are compatible with any RIP or workflow software, but they are offered with Caldera GrandRIP+ suite. The Printer software (Impres Soft Signage System) can send e-mail notifications, when ink is running low or a job is completed, directly to your computer or smartphone.

MS Impres line of textile printers are one of the few designed by a printer manufacturer cooperating directly with an inkjet ink specialist and a RIP software company, as a whole.

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